MGGL Informa - New Agreement COVID-19

AGREEMENT modifying the similar agreement establishing extraordinary actions to attend the emergency.

Yesterday, on April 21, 2020, the "Agreement modifying the similar agreement establishing extraordinary actions to attend the health emergency generated by the SARS-CoV2 virus, published on March 31, 2020" was published and entered into force.

This agreement modified and extended the period of suspension of non-core activities until 30 May 2020; this was the only modification made to the previous similar agreement (agreement of 31 March 2020). It is worth mentioning that, by means of this agreement, the Ministry of Health does not issue new measures that could have an impact on labor relations and neither do they modify the scope of the measures published last March 31st. However, the state governments could implement the measures in accordance with the general criteria issued by the Ministry, which have been analyzed in previous bulletins issued by our firm.

The agreement published yesterday foresees that the measures implemented previously by the Ministry of Health will cease to be implemented as of May 18, 2020 in those municipalities of the national territory that at that date present low or no transmission of the SARS-CoV2 virus.

To this end, it states that the Ministry will be the one to define the criteria for evaluating the intensity of virus transmission, as well as any other factor related to the risk of the spread of the disease and the vulnerability of affected populations. Likewise, the Authority will establish guidelines to reduce mobility between municipalities with different levels of propagation, in order to avoid the dispersion of the disease.

The aforementioned Agreement orders that, in all cases, regardless of the intensity of transmission, the protection measures for persons in risk groups implemented on 31 March of this year will be maintained until further notice.

It should be noted that this Agreement orders that the state governments will be responsible, among other things, for establishing and implementing mechanisms to reduce the mobility of inhabitants between municipalities with different degrees of propagation. We estimate that in the next few days, the mechanisms for reducing mobility that each of the local governments deem relevant in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus will be published in the various official gazettes or periodicals.

At MGGL we reiterate the recommendations and suggestions made in our previous communications, since the legal scope of the measures published on March 31st are still in force and have not been modified. In each particular case we will continue to evaluate and suggest mechanisms to respond to the contingency, however, in case you have any immediate concerns, our legal team remains available for any advice you may need.

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